Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday!

Check out those darling pumpkins! Helen put a spin on our Crazy Eights pattern in the our Contemporary Curved Quilts book and made a harvest table runner! Love it! :)
Helen is busy today! 3 bindings on 3 quilts in 3 hours...well that was her goal at least! Let's hope she achieved it!
Sherilyn is almost finished with her 2nd ciuchallenge.  She's trying to decide on sashing color(s).  A lot of great ideas on FB, and she'd appreciate more thoughts here! Please comment and give her some ideas. #ciuchallenge to IG and FB and upload your pictures to Flickr. The quilts we are seeing are AMAZING! :)
Also, check out Sherilyn's Chic Kisses! She's half way finished and really loves how it's coming together.  This pattern, along with Chic Shells, will be released soon! 
Helen and Jenny enjoyed some sisterly time together at the quilt show in Santa Clara, CA. The Quick Curve ruler, patterns and book were a big hit! Sherilyn will hopefully get to join them next time! 
Happy Quilting!
-Jenny, Helen, and Sherilyn-
Sew Kind of Wonderful

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sassy Stars Runner!

I had fun doing up this Sassy Stars Runner this week!

We needed a smaller sample since the actual Sassy Stars quilt in our Book Contemporary Curved Quilts is a big one.

I've collected some of my favorite greens from some of my favorite fabric designers over the years and got to use them all at one time for this little quilt!

I of course had to custom quilt it!  I used our new Sidekick Rulers....(soon to be released) and did some fun quilting designs to be taught next year at a couple of quilting shows....more about that later.

It was fun doing a smaller non-thinker quilt this week that we don't need to write up a pattern for because it's already in our new Book!

We are heading to California tomorrow to PIQF! if you happen to be going, come find us at the end of row one!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pattern Winner!

Congratulations Lorna!  She was lucky number 75 and won 3 Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns.

Hope you all have a great weekend and get some much needed projects done....quilting projects that is!  

Jenny, Helen and Sherilyn

Thursday, October 9, 2014

CIU Challenge and Pattern Giveaway!

CIU Challenge QAL

We wanted to check in with everyone who is participating in our CIU Challenge QAL.  We hope you are all having fun with the CIU blocks and challenging yourself to come up with something you love!

I've had a blast challenging myself to come up with a new design. 
Here is my latest creation.

I'm making four of these HUGE blocks and sewing them together to create my end design.  The border was an after thought yesterday and I love how it really sets off the block design!  I did up a sample of what blocks I used from the CIU pattern and where they go to create my design.

I used the Churndash, Sawtooth, Ninepatch and Curvygeese blocks.  You can see above, where they go in my design. 

I'm using beautiful "Cherie" fabric from Frances Newcombe with Art Gallery Fabrics. 

Sherilyn is having so much fun with the Challenge that she has started another quilt and here is her first block.

Gotta love that Flea Market Fancy!!

Remember to share your WIP's with us on our Flickr Group and also #ciuchalleng on IG.  

Now for the Giveaway!  

For a chance to win 3 Sew Kind of Wonderful PDF patterns, leave a comment telling us your favorite color combination right now.  That's it!!  We will announce the winner Saturday morning.

Happy Quilting!

Jenny, Helen and Sheriln

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday Tips - Removing Paper and Pressing Curved Seams

About That Paper!
If having difficulty getting the paper off the back of the Quick Curve Ruler, follow these simple picture tips - it should come off fairly easy.

...peel slowly...


And, when pressing curved pieced blocks, it may be easier with a little extra padding under quilt block.  You can either purchase a separate iron pad to place under ironing board cover, use a couple pieces of batting or simply use a fluffy towel. The extra "squish" allows seams and bias to ease together easier and helps avoid ripples at the pressing stage.  Place the batting or towel under ironing board cover...

or right on top.  

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Friday, October 3, 2014

FYI Friday!

Our new Chic Kisses and Chic Shells quilts are finished! These patterns will be available at the end of this month. We're very excited about these new patterns and hope you are too! 

And, the winner from our website's opening day drawing is Beatrice Marotte from blog. Congratulations Beatrice! She won our Contemporary Curved Quilts book.

Happy Quilting!

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Friday, September 26, 2014

Curve It Up Challenge!

 Curve It Up Challenge is alive and well!! Here's the progress Jenny and Sherilyn are making on their quilts.
We're loving Jenny's very modern feel to her blocks! Very appealing! 
And Sherilyn's - Whoa! Does crayons comes to mind? :-) Fun!! 

We're loving the pictures that are coming into IG and Flickr! Keep em coming! We'll soon be posting pictures of customer's quilts and blocks here on the blog. Again it's not too late to start! Remember to #ciuchallenge
How is everyone doing on there CIU Challenge quilts? Let us know!


-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

How you know you're married to a quilter! Haha!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Exciting Things Happening!!

So many exciting things in the works!!

After much team work, Chic Shells is complete!! Helen began with this amazing design, all three of us collaborated and worked out a few important details, Sherilyn pieced it and Helen put the finishing touch on it - with some amazing quilting!! We are thrilled with how it turned out.:-)

Our new website launches next Tuesday
Woot Woot!! Lots of hard work but well worth it! Be sure to check it out!


Jenny wrote an excellent post today about quilting fillers. Go to Pattern Jam and check it out! It's sure to inspire! 


We hope everyone's having a fun time with the Curve It Up Challenge! We're loving the pictures we're seeing on Flickr and IG. Remember to #ciuchallenge. Keep up the great work! If you haven't begun yours, it's absolutely not too late!! 

Jenny and Sherilyn are making progress on their quilts. Obviously, by these two examples, This pattern has endless possibilities! Thanks to everyone who let us know what challenge you're doing. Continue to let us know! We're curious and want to get excited with you! :-)

Happy quilting everyone!! 

-Sew Kind of Wonderful- 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Curve It Up Challenge QAL! - What are you doing?

Jenny's blocks are Amazing!! She chose option 3, which is anything goes and obviously her creative juices are flowing!:-) She is using Frances Newcombe's new fabric line, Cherie by Art Gallery. 
Sherilyn chose option 2. She's using some old 30's print she's had for a while. She's having a lot of fun with these colorful prints and solids. She's excited to add more twists and colors to this Sawtooth Star block pattern!

We're curious to know what all of you are doing. Option 1 (using all of the blocks)? Option 2 (using 1 or 2 blocks only)? Or option 3 (anything goes!)? Please leave a comment and let us know. :-)

For all the details on our CIU Challenge QAL click here
Please share your CIU pictures on our Flickr group and #ciuchallenge on Instagram and Facebook. 

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Tips - Urban Nine Patch!

Here are a few tips for The Urban Nine Patch pattern, a customer favorite! 
Let's begin with the center nine patch. Sew first 
2 convex pieces on - opposite sides. Press seams open.
Sew the next 2 convex pieces on the 
remaining sides
Press seams open and square up to 8" square. 
Place block under square up ruler. Center the center block under 4" intersection
and the diagonal ruler line should line up pretty close to the corners

Be sure the entire block sits under 8" ruler marks
(this one's close... but close enough! ;)
Notice the 9 patch corners do not extend all the way to the block corners. The 9 patch block should appear to "float"
Another tip that might be helpful - Press open these rectangle block seams rather then press seams to side. That narrow center strip seems to relax better with pressed open seams. 
And, here's a reminder about lining up the QCR 1/8" mark on the curved seems when squaring up the rectangle blocks.

And most important tip of all...HAVE FUN!! Because quilting is FUN!!! :-)

We Hope everyone's Curve It Up quilts are coming right along. We're anxious to share our progress! Remember to post pics to our Flickr group and #ciuchallenge to Instagram and Facbook

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Haha! We do love square blocks and square quilts!